A dos en un tiempo

A rich man in the land of Allemonde, lost himself in the forest; by the edge of a fountain encounters a creature in tears, is Melisande. Golaud tries to console her and takes her to his castle; But the woman is always in the throes of an obscure anguish. The only consolation is the company’s half-brother Goulard, Pelleas who  always surround Melisande .

The two are attracted to each other. Golaud warns the feeling that binds the two in-laws.

One night, tormented by jealousy, Goulard spy Pelleas and Melisande embraced. He rushes with sword in hand and lowers his brother, while the woman manages to escape into the forest. Melisande hit by a sudden illness to the pain of Pelleas’s  death……….

By  this inspiration Manfredi Gelmetti stage  “A dos en un tiempo”, a blend of theatre, flamenco and live music with Dario Polizzi Carbonelli and Lara Ribichini starring as  Pelleas and Melisande.

I really like the story of these two characters told by music and flamenco because the music itself begins where words end. The music is for the inexpressible. Must come out of the shadows and into its  force must be able to represent moods, events, situations, conflicts, in short, life and its flow.

I chose a bare stage, a barren stage and two artists looking truthful and carnal that stand apart from  the idea of ​​”courtly love and bucolic” which often, in the course of History, the lovers are represented.

I  want the audience faces by a man, a woman and their story, without  any kind of artifice.

The  blend of flamenco dance-drama is in its highest expression and becomes a witness to life and psychology of the characters.

Although the action takes place in an unspecified time and place: presumably in the Upper and Middle Ages in an imaginary Kingdom (Allemonde). There is a castle, surrounded by a dense forest and next to the sea.

Music  follows the story, the characters, their words and gestures.

For my vision of Pelleas and Melisande, the main roles become a voice, a guitar and the passionate dance of two of the most popular Flamenco dancer in Italy that  for this show will suffer, as characters, their  life and destiny.

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